Amsterdam NY - Chalmers Mills, Mohawk Carpet Mills
Chalmers Mills 2009, Abandoned, Dilapidated
Amsterdam, NY is typical of many towns across NY State.
Amsterdam was once thriving with tens of thousand of jobs and
home to more millionaires per capita that any other place in the US.
Today, Amsterdam is stricken with poverty, higher crime, and many
abandoned manufacturing sites like this.
This plants was once thriving with workers, contributing to local
taxes and enhancing the way of life for the community. Now look at it!
Chalmers Mill - View #3. Yes, the experts are right - out-sourcing is really good
for the community.
Mohawk Carpets Mills 2009, Abandoned, Dilapidated
Mohawk Carpets Mills 2009, From thousands of workers to abandoned.
Mohawk Carpets Mills 2009, From Optimistic/Vibrant Community to Depressed.